Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Possibly The Coolest Shit Ever

Recently, Mr. Shiny tried a new imagery with me. Imagery often doesn't do a whole lot for me in trance, and most of the imagery-stuff he's done with me hasn't gone anywhere. I'm okay at visualizing myself ("see the blood flowing through your head"), mediocre at visualizing my environment ("you're in a dark corridor"), and downright terrible at visualizing other objects ("you're holding a beautiful gem").

He does imagery with me sometimes anyway, because he thinks I'll like it or for his own reasons. The recent imagery is about laying in a vat of wonderful liquid. I automatically think of a comfortable liquid to lie in as being warm; he calls it cool; so it's both, which is neat. I can breathe it, which is good because before long I find myself slowly sinking into it until eventually I'm completely submerged. Also, the deeper I sink, the deeper the trance goes, and I sink deeper with every breath. It's a warm comfortable happy thing, and I went very deep.

That's plenty good right there, you know? I love being that deep for him, and anything he uses to get me there is automatically excellent. But that's not the coolest shit ever.

I noticed after I came out that I could breathe cleanly and openly. I have asthma, have had it all my life. It's been bad this fall. I take medication every day, and have to monitor and manage my asthma all the time. Even at my best, my lungs are a little bit inflamed and tight.

So this... it wasn't like taking a hit of the albuterol; it was better. It was like my lungs had never needed the inhaler. I lay there breathing and exulting and breathing.

A few years back, they discontinued the inhaler I had used my entire life, because of the propellant, and switched everyone over to a different formulation. It took me a while to adapt because the flavor changed. The inhaler I grew up with literally saved my life countless times, and that's what it tasted like.


So when I say this is better than any inhaler, I'm saying a lot.

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