Saturday, January 15, 2011


Last week, Mr. Shiny and I went to our local hypnoclub's monthly meeting. The topic for this meeting was suggestions. What to consider, how to phrase them, that kind of thing.

I have never hypnotized anyone, and so I have have never given a hypnotic suggestion. I've made requests, but they're in the form of ideas rather than full text.

So when the group went from Lecture to Workshop, I decided to go along, even though I don't plan on using any suggestion-writing skills any time soon. At first I started writing an amnesia trigger, but I didn't  like it. As is my wont, when I punted on the trigger I was writing, I wrote MONKEY on the paper. I  turned to Mr. Shiny and said so: MONKEY. He asked if the monkey was Larry.

You see, there's this little song that the Sprout really loves. One Dozen Monkeys. It's a cute little song about monkeys climbing out of a barrel and going in the tree, and then one monkey rides a bike instead. The little girl in the song names him Larry. Mrs. Bean and I also like the song, and it has driven itself into my brain. Even before the song I was apt to say "Monkey!" at random times, but now, the monkey's name is Larry.

So I turned over my note card and wrote a different suggestion:

Imagine a monkey. See the long tail, the long shaggy arms, the clever toes. What does a monkey sound like? How does he smell?
That monkey's name is Larry. Whenever you see a monkey, you will think of Larry. When you think of a monkey, you will know his name is Larry. If someone mentions a monkey, you might say that his name is Larry. 

The monkey has a name, and his name is Larry.

Just a silly little thing, I thought. I read it so that people who had also written silly suggestions, or who might feel like theirs wasn't very good, would feel better about reading their texts.

Instead... everybody liked it, pretty much. Someone called it poetic. Several people particularly liked the monkey's clever toes. I blushed and beamed and thought maybe I might be pretty good at this.

When we finished, we went and practiced giving each other suggestions, but I didn't give anyone Larry. Instead I received a lovely immersive fantasy world sequence. I enjoyed it way more than I think that people would enjoy Larry.

On the other hand, I'm kind of happy to notice that Larry's clever toes became a fetish on fetlife, just from the simple reading and talking about it in the group. When something sticks almost infernally in my mind, I think, it might make a good earworm post-hypnotic suggestion!

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