Friday, February 18, 2011

Unintentional Hypno-topping!

Mr. Fuzzy was over last night. I was feeling cuddly but not sexy, which he is fine with. Sometimes I'm not as fine with it... Because he gets all excited and then I feel a little bit bad. I know I get sad when someone gets me all worked up and then there's no follow-through! But I checked in and he was okay, so I kept going.

I was scratching his skin lightly, which he just adores. And we kissed, which he also just adores. So then I started talking to him, because it seemed the thing to do. I told him how good it felt and got him nice and purring and then told him he'd feel my hands and nails whenever I kissed him.

Then I kissed him and reacted so beautifully! So I kissed him a bunch and talked him through some blowjob feelings and kissed him more, and he was really excited. And I was tired, and I'm sick, and so I pulled him back down and let the energy subside and told him to relax. He did, like he almost never does; that was just as gratifying to me as the awesome sexy times I'd given to him! His tight stressed muscles just let go. It was beautiful. I sent him gently to sleep.

Then I thought... "hm. I didn't mean to hypnotize my partner and give him a trigger...."

In the morning, I checked in. I also tested the trigger, and it still worked, which gave me mixed feelings. I hadn't done it mindfully, and I hadn't done any of the important safety things we keep learning about in hypno club. Fortunately it's completely specific to me, and he interpreted it conservatively. On the other hand, it's intense and exciting to do that to someone!

Checkin complete, I then kissed him a whole lot more. And it was damn hot. I mean, it was hot last night, but we were having nice cuddly sexytimes last night. Having him go all jumpy and happy when I kissed him in the morning, when we were both bleary and ugh-it's-early and where's the coffee? Because the trigger I gave him worked? Incredibly hot.

Of course, given this morning's reinforcement, it'll probably stick for a good long while. I can't say I'm sad about that but I do wish I'd thought more first. I'd have put in a switch so it only made him all shivery when it's a good time for it. At the next opportune moment I'll make sure to give him some of the safety framework. It's really super-important and I'm a bad top for leaving it out, even if no harm is done.

...and I should be a good top when I top. A good top takes care. I love my fuzzy and I want him to be safe and happy, so from now on I am going to be much more careful when I'm accidentally hypnotizing him!

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