Thursday, March 3, 2011

Eating Yellow

A little while go, I was in the store and discovered myself to have a major rice craving. I bought rice, I bought things that are like rice, I bought things to cook with rice... then I came home and thought:

"Well, damn. I don't know how to cook rice."

First, I read the box. Then I asked the internet. I tried a thing with cooking in butter and then adding the water, a portion of which had been steeping some saffron.

It was okay. It turned yellow. I'm hoping to achieve "Indian Take-Out" rice, and it did not resemble that. Still, tasty.

Next I did the thing where you soak it for a while and then cook it and then don't touch it for a while. This is a little better, still not what I'm trying to get, but it has a better texture, when I don't overcook it. Now I'm doing saffron, celery seed, and shallot salt. Sometimes with smoked paprika. Colorful and tasty. Yum.

Tonight, though, I wanted chicken in a sauce on rice. I don't have many ingredients around so I asked the internet, and the internet said "try yogurt and curry powder."

Well, okay! It worked surprisingly well, let me use up some old carrots and aromatics, and turned all yellow. It's a very mild curry powder, since I am a spice coward. Yellow chicken on my yellow rice, yellow yellow. Made me wish I had some lemon cake for dessert.

This is a good addition to my cooking toolbox. The key is to add some flour to the yogurt so it doesn't curdle, and now I have nice creamy sauces without them being lactose dooooooooom.

Yellow. Yum.

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