Meat Loaf

People say to me, "mietteloaf, is that supposed to mean something? Is that like Meat Loaf?"

I must regretfully say that Mr. Loaf and I are not related.

However, years ago I saw him performing live on a German talk show. Mr. Loaf did not speak any German, but the host interviewed him in stilted teutonic English. Mr. Loaf then performed his new song, I Would Do Anything For Love (but I won't do that). He was brash and loud and vibrant and lively and perhaps somewhat inappropriate and annoying. The contrast with the reserved host who was used to being the most interesting thing on his set was beautiful to see.

I felt somewhat bemused but very proud, because in that moment, Mr. Loaf seemed to embody the very essence of Americanness.

If you are here to find a good recipe for meat loaf, I recommend using a mix of beef, pork, and lamb, with an egg and some bread crumbs as binders, and then add whatever seasoning you favor. A packet of onion soup mix will do you just fine.